Gerber Baby Contest

2012 September 4 at 12:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Yep, I’m being shameless!

Vote for Alexis on Gerber’s facebook baby contest!


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What This Pregnant Woman Does With Her Time

2012 February 1 at 4:37 pm (Adventures My Way, Family, Geekery)

Certainly not blogging…

No, I’ve been reading, lounging in bed, staring at my belly, cringing at the bulges that Baby makes when she kicks or stretches, and playing a lot of video games. Recently, I played through Silent Hill 3 and Uncharted 3, and am now making my way through Killzone 2. Not quite the soothing sounds of Mozart, so hopefully Baby won’t come out too violent. I read bits of the Hunger Games series to Baby, when I remember that she’s able to hear me, but mostly I forget she’s there unless she’s kicking me. Now, at a little over seven months pregnant, she kicks me a LOT. But then I’m too busy moaning in discomfort to read properly to her. It’s not pain, per se, but it tires me out. And makes me winded. And just plain feels weird.

I have not begun nesting. The baby’s room still needs to be painted. There is no furniture. We have no diapers or bottles or anything that Baby will probably need, besides a couple of boxes of wipes and a small pile of blankets. A crib has been bought, but is still waiting at the store to be picked up. Of course, there is yet no matress to go with the crib. I’m not too worried though. I mean, my parents didn’t have 2% of the stuff I loaded onto our registry/wishlist (and even that was less than what the stores “recommend”) when my sister and I were born, so I’m sure Baby will survive.

This month, quite a few friends/family are also having babies. Are we just at that age? Such a strange thing. And now I’m big enough that I get strangers getting excited when they see my baby belly. Why are they excited? It’s really odd to me. Will I be like that after I have my baby? To see someone else about to pop and feel “connected” to them? And why do people see a belly bump and automatically think you’re approachable and want to hold entire conversations about babies and pregnancy with you? I had to have a 10 minute conversation in Target with a woman who just had her baby seven months ago because she loved my maternity dress and said she had one just like it but gave it to her friend who’s now pregnant and she misses the cute clothes she used to wear. 10 minutes! I don’t talk to T for that long on one topic! People are truly interesting. And considering this happens to me more often than not, I can only conclude that *I* am the one who is weird and has issues, and everyone else is behaving normally when they see pregnant women.

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Rumble Tumble

2011 November 22 at 9:30 pm (Adventures My Way, Family, Geekery, Me and T)

Baby has decided that Jamaica is where it’s at. We’re a few days into our trip and all my past “maybe it’s gas” moments are gone. It has been tumbling around for nearly two hours and it is WEIRD. I even SAW my stomach get poked out. T has finally gotten a chance to feel it move too. He put his hand and ear to my belly and both of us jumped when Baby kicked/punched. I find it hard to believe that I’ll get used to this because every time I feel it move, my reflex is to hunch over like someone’s just punched me in the gut… which I guess is what is really happening, juat from the inside out.

We’ve discovered a new favorite show. Storage Wars. It’s awesome. Watch for yourself and see.

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